Le grand mazarin


Start date 2021 - 2023
Duration 2 years
Numbers of artworks 5 artworks and 1 fresco
Artistic approach Offbeat, vintage, craftsmanship

Born in Menorca in 1990, Sophia Pega is a visual artist who focuses her creation on figurative and symbolic painting and drawing, both figurative and symbolic. Attracted by the imaginary and the memories inherent to the spaces, elements and relationships that surround her, she explores the tenuous line between the earthly and the magical. A through symbolic iconography, Sophia constructs dreamlike worlds that seem to tell stories.
stories. She also has an attraction to photography and written journals that help support her her work. For the realization of the frescoes of the hotel Le Grand Mazarin, Sophia navigates between dreamlike and astrological worlds. Through the opening of a door or a window, the artist invites us invites us to enter her world, a world where each detail calls to a memory, to a dream. This key and its padlock, these fantastic animals or these eternal stars that light up her creations, are the elements that Sophia chooses to make us enter her waking dream. As much as the figurative elements, the colors are imagined with as much care; each pigment translates the movement, softness, dawn or night. The windows and doors of the winter garden, are an opening towards a new reality, imprinted of Sophia Pega invites us to pass the door. Thus, the artist approaches the symbolism of of each of her creations as a true fortune teller. Which cards will she draw for us?