Amélie du Chalard


Art Curator & Founder of Amélie Maison d’art


After 7 years in finance, in 2015, Paris, Amélie du Chalard founded Amélie Maison d’Art, an avant-garde concept of art gallery, inviting art lovers and collectors to discover artworks from emerging, promising, & established contemporary artists, displayed in a beautiful domestic interior rather than in an impersonal gallery space


Since 2016, Amélie has built a strong track record of collaboration with world-known architects and interior designers for the artistic curation of a large scope of hospitality projects in their locations and ambitions


Amélie serve as primary point of contact and is fully committed to each project. She is overlooking the artworks selection and advise and support the lead interior architect from the beginning to the end of the project


Since 2016, we have developed a center specialized in the curation and artistic development of spaces (offices, hotels, shops, etc.)


In collaboration with the best architects & interior designers, we design and implement projects which integrate artworks and art objects in order to create unique places


Projects being all different, we systematically seek out artists and craftspeople who are in harmony with the objectives and constraints


We manage and coordinate each step of the artistic project from its conception to its installation

The Team consists of 6 professionals of the art sector :


o Amélie du Chalard : Art Curator & founder of Amélie Maison d’Art

o Marion Binnié : Senior Project Manager

o Leah Bloch-Berthier : Junior Project Manager

o Marie Schimann : Artists Liaison

o Antonio Laezza  : Logistic Officer

o Pierre Wat : Art Historian, Amélie Maison d’art partner


The art project development is produced in our officies Amelie Maison d’Art, in Paris, 18 rue Seguier, 75006. However, the team is mobile and always available to meet and discuss with other consultants to the project.


During the collaboration, proposals and reports are regularly submitted to the interior designer throughout design stages.


Amélie and Marion are the main contacts for BtoB projects

Amélie Du Chalard



Project Manager


Assistant project manager


Assistant project manager




Assistant project manager