Beef Bar - Milan


Start date 2023
Duration 6 months
Numbers of artworks Restaurant & bar
Artistic approach Classic & modern art, travel, portrait, historical


Initially, Humbert & Poyet wanted to offer Italian portraits in a more antique style. As our discussions progressed, the portrait idea remained. But we wanted to create a warmer, funnier, more surprising space. So we wanted to tell the story of the owner. A man who invites you to his table to savour his refined dishes, and to discover his personality through his murals. This great Italian traveler, who collected souvenirs of his excursions to the four corners of the world. Here we find stone wall sculptures straight from Greece, more poetic watercolor portraits of women, old oil paintings found in antique shops in other countries...These portraits reveal the eclectic personality of the owner: cultured, funny, a collector in search of the beautiful and the unique wherever he goes.

Photographs : Francis Amiand